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Very close by, the Tierra del Fuego National Park is also the southernmost park in the world and its beautiful bay is a big attraction for fishing, hiking, kayaking and exploring maritime wildlife and traces of the area’s early first settlers.

Ushuaia’s strategic shorefront location where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet is marked by the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, the End of the World landmark. Sailing these choppy waters is quite an adventure! The wildlife that is indigenous to this part of the world cannot be overlooked: penguins, seals, sea lion colonies and local birds thrive in this wilderness.

The city has developed its cultural life and offers interesting Museums housed in the Presidio building, constructed by prisoners in the year 1895. The Prison itself is now a museum showing the place where prisoners were detained and its history until it was closed in 1947.  Another wing has an exhibit of Maritime art and seascapes and throughout there is an impressive collection of ship models including Amundsen’s “Fram”, Scott’s “Discovery”, Shackleton’s “Endurance” among others.

The proximity to Antarctica makes Ushuaia the starting point for Antarctic cruises that sail past islands, glaciers, bays and impressive cliffs. Ushuaia is also a popular ski destination for South Americans during the winter months.  If all this adventure builds up an appetite, the region is well known for its exquisite King-crab and seafood cuisine as well as the grilled Patagonian lamb.

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