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A promontory poking into the Atlantic off North-East Patagonia, Peninsula Valdes is a haven for marine birds and mammals, and it owes its place on the World Heritage List to its great variety of coastal species. Endangered southern right whales come to the Peninsula to give birth and raise their calves from June to November (October being the peak migration season). Orcas can occasionally be spotted from December to April. An absolute MUST for nature lovers who enjoy observing animals in their natural habitat.

Welsh settlers arrived in this area in 1865. Their culture remains almost intact in Gaiman. Surrounded by farms, chapels and houses of traditional Welsh style, Gaiman retains the charming atmosphere of a rural Welsh village. Many traditional tea houses in historic buildings are filled with mementos from the original Welsh immigrants.

Further south from Gaiman, Bahía Bustamante is a seaside village surrounded by nature: few places in the world house such a large amount and such a wide diversity of seabirds and marine mammals. Though the land is private it is considered a destination more than a private property as it sprawls over about 210,000 acres! From magnificent beaches of white sand and crystal clear water framed by dark red rocks it spreads inland, to moonscapes of great deserts and petrified forests.

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