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Ines Gowland

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Barbara Mieth

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Alejandro Amestoy

Ines is a graduate in Tourism. Meetings and Incentives have been her field for over 25 years in the travel business. Her position as Director of the Inbound-Outbound Meetings and Incentives Division of an important corporate travel agency gave her the double know-how: the perspective of both the clients and the hosts. Ines continued her career as Sales Director of another prominent company before becoming a partner of Attipica DMC. She is the General Secretary at the Buenos Aires Convention & Visitors Bureau and is on the Board of Directors of the City of Buenos Aires’ Tourism Office.

Ines is a lover of outdoor activities: golf, tennis, horse riding and skiing. An avid traveller, she is always on the move and eager to get to know new and unexplored places. Her camera is always ready for shooting. Her intense social life finds her catching up with friends, enjoying dinner or the theatre and taking off to the beach or her family’s Estancia whenever possible.

Contact Inés: ines.gowland

Barbara has a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. After working as Business Development Manager at a renowned tour operator she joined a new company as Director of Leisure Travel and successfully developed the department. Barbara is a knowledgeable professional with a solid reputation with international clientele. Twenty years in the business find her doing what she likes most: planning trips for the world to discover her homeland. Business combines work and pleasure!

A passionate traveller, Barbara has explored Argentina from North to South and always becomes deeply involved in the different destinations and the lore of the locals. She loves nature and challenging hikes. Interesting buys become irresistible to the eyes of this shopper: be it antiques, books, food or local crafts; Barbie will spend hours in a market taking pictures and bringing back her best finds! Mate gourds are one of her collectibles and her day will never start off without a sip of this local infusion.

Contact Barbara: barbara.mieth

Alejandro is a graduate in Business Administration. Born into a travel business family, he inevitably felt attracted to the field. He has been at the helm of Cynsa Tour Operator for over 25 years and led the company to successful growth.

Uruguayan by birth, Alejandro came to Argentina at a very early age and chose it as his adoptive country. He is passionate about it and its wealth of attractions and cultural heritage. As a host he is a natural: his clients are sure to become friends.

A sports fan, Alejandro is a tennis aficionado. The sport and his engaging personality find him always in good company. The travel business has given him long lasting friends around the globe.

Contact Alejandro: alejandro.amestoy

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