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Wind and water eroded the rocks in the area giving them striking shapes. It is hard to believe that this arid, windswept area, where only cactus and thorny thickets grow, was once a tropical haven with lakes and swamps, forests of acacias, palm trees and ferns, home to amazing creatures that roamed the land… over 225 million years ago! Today, visitors can see petrified trees and unusual rock formations which have been named: Valle Pintado (painted valley), Submarino (submarine) and the Hongo (mushroom). The Cancha de Bochas or Bowling Field with huge round rocks calls for a picture everyone will be amazed with! Wildlife spotting at Valle de la Luna is possible as it is home to foxes, owls, armadillos and condors.

Together with Talampaya National Park (in the neighbouring La Rioja Province and only 10 km -6 miles- away) Valle de la Luna National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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