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Salta is often the starting point to explore the area: south of the city the charm and magic of «los Valles Calchaquies» (the Calchaquí valleys) takes us through quiet towns that seem to be stopped by time. This tranquil air, however, soon turns into a riot of colours, costumes and music when festivities are celebrated.  Become part of it as you taste a juicy Empanada washed down with a glass of Torrontes wine, the region’s distinctive varietal white wine.

Leaving the city of Salta «la linda» (the lovely), the winding roads rise and then penetrate deep into the Andes mountain range and emerge at the Puna heights to ride side-by-side with the Tren a las Nubes (Train to the Clouds), an incredible feat of engineering that climbs to an altitude of 4,000 metres across the impressive viaduct of «La Polvorilla».

To the North of Salta lies the province of Jujuy. The Quebrada de Humahuaca or Humahuaca Gorge takes us to picturesque villages, such as Purmamarca and Maimara that maintain the architectural features and customs of the pre-Hispanic cultures: small chapels of charming simplicity and pre-Hispanic ruins such as the Pucara de Tilcara. The twisting ascent from Purmamarca leads to the massive white salt flats of Salinas Grandes. The vast white expanse of salt contrasts with the deep blue sky – dark glasses are mandatory to take in the scene!

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