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The Esteros del Ibera (from Guaraní ý berá «bright water») combine swamps, bogs, stagnant lakes, lagoons and natural courses of water that span between 15,000 and 20,000 km². They host a huge biodiversity including the neotropical river otter, the maned wolf, the pampa deer, and the marsh deer. Two Argentine species of alligator: the Yacare caiman (yacaré negro) and the broad-snouted caiman (yacaré overo), as well as the capybara or carpincho (the world’s largest rodent) also dwell in the region. The variety of birds is staggering: 380 different species of birds: predators such as hawks and owls; numerous species of ducks and other fishing birds, like the juan grande stork, spoonbills and herons; woodpeckers, flamingos, ibis, anhingas and many others.

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