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Cordoba, Argentina’s second largest city, was established in 1573 by Jeronimo Luis de Cabrera, and the Jesuits arrived soon after. Today the city’s strong colonial history blends with modern economic growth. The Manzana Jesuitica, or Jesuit block in the heart of the city comprises the Church, the Montserrat school and the Cordoba National University, among other buildings. The University was founded in 1613 and is the oldest university of Argentina and one of the first in the Americas.  This Block, together with five estancias or farming estates outside the town, illustrate the fusion of European and Native American cultures. They form an exceptional example of a vast religious, political, economic, legal and cultural system.   Entire towns have grown around the former Jesuit estancias surrounding the city of Cordoba, the oldest of which is Caroya (1616).  Alta Gracia is the closest estancia to the City and Jesus Maria hosts the “Festival Nacional de la Doma y Folklore”, an authentic gaucho festival held every year in early January.

Staying at an Estancia in Cordoba is the door to some of the best horseback riding in the country, learning about working-ranch activities, having a go at polo, savouring asados and taking in the wonderful scenery as the sun sets behind the rolling hills and the magnificent Jesuit churches, true architectural gems.


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