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Its rich cultural life makes Buenos Aires vibrate day and night. Its many barrios (neighbourhoods) have a wide variety of attractions that include theatres, museums, art galleries and beautiful parks. The famous Colon Opera House, the Recoleta cemetery and picturesque La Boca are all traditional highlights. The trendy area of Palermo is a newer attraction with innumerable shops selling anything and everything, cafes, restaurants and boutique hotels.  Tree lined boulevards and architectural gems dot the city and some old houses have become the continent’s most innovative restaurants, fashion and design stores and one-of-a-kind accommodations.

The outskirts of the city have their own charm: the northern suburb’s leafy Victorian neighbourhoods lead the way to the Tigre Delta where beautiful canals, verdant islands, elegant promenades and aging buildings, make it a tribute to a bygone era.

Only an hour away from the city one can experience life on an Estancia. Argentina’s wealth came from its farmlands producing quality cattle as well as agricultural goods. A visit to a traditional ranch provides a glimpse of life on the pampas where the gauchos (cowboys) take pride in their coin-studded belts and baggy pants – and offers the chance to join in and share the country’s farmland customs, traditions and asados. The world’s premier polo destination, Buenos Aires is also the place to saddle up for a day of Polo.

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