Attipica DMC | By Cynsa

Admire Argentina

Imagine a place where there are snow-capped mountains, lush forests, thundering waters, miles of striking landscapes, vast deserts, endless prairies… imagine Argentina.

Visualize rafting down river rapids, climbing mountain walls, galloping across grasslands, skiing down the Andean slopes, fly fishing in lakes and rivers… visualize Argentina.

Discover coloured rock-formations, Indian villages, ancient churches, vast salt plains… discover Argentina.

Watch trout leaping in rivers, whales coming to nest in ocean coves, deer grazing, goats climbing mountainsides, llamas looking down at you, penguins waddling to the sea… watch Argentina’s wildlife.

Be awestruck with gigantic walls of glacier ice, thundering waterfalls splashing down, towering rocks in red and gold… be awestruck at Argentina!

Savour juicy steaks, fresh fruit and vegetables all year round, sophisticated gourmet fare, the deep rich wines of the land, the hearty beer and the traditional mate… savour Argentina!

Experience the passion of Tango, the best polo games, the roar of the crowds at a football stadium, the charm of wonderful hotels and posadas, the authentic people… Experience Argentina.

Let us design your made-to-measure visit in the
land that caters to:
  • Party goers
  • Risk takers
  • Sports fans
  • Intellectuals
  • Business travellers
  • Art-lovers
  • Seekers of solitude
  • Outdoor lovers
  • Antique searchers
  • Bookshop browsers
  • Nature explorers
  • Passionate travellers
…or let us be creative, that is our specialty!